10 Cleaning Hacks for Your Home That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

So many of us want a clean home but we hate all of the time we need to put into cleaning. From scrubbing the oven to fighting an uphill battle against dust, we can literally spend hours out of each week just trying to keep our house clean.

If you really hate cleaning, but love a clean home, there are a few very effective and simple hacks that will streamline the house chores process.

If nothing else, these cleaning hacks will give you an impressive knowledge base to impress your family and friends with — some of them are just really cool along with being super easy to perform.

#10 Remove Grease Stains From Walls And Clothing

Remove Grease Stains with chalk


If you accidentally touch a wall in your home with greasy fingers or you stain your favorite shirt, there is a simple chalk trick that can remove those stains with ease. Cover the stain with white chalk and wait at least three to four minutes. Damp a cloth and gently wipe away the stain. The chalk absorbed the stain but removed from the surface. Throw your clothing in the washer immediately afterwards to get them super cleaning and smelling less like grease.


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