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How To Make Edible & Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy

How To Make Edible LEGO

It doesn’t get any better than this. There’s a recipe now for homemade gummy LEGO pieces that you can actually build with and eat it! The man behind the “King of Random” YouTube DIY channel, Grant Thompson, shared a step-by-step recipe for this.

Best part? There are only two ingredients to make your dreams come true – gelatin and water!

You can now make edible LEGO gummies you can build with!

All you need is gelatin/Jell-O, water, and corn syrup…

…and a silicone LEGO mold, which you can buy or make

The complete constructions even show how to make these bricks stackable!

Here’s a video tutorial:

There are plenty of pre-made LEGO molds to choose from on Amazon!

33 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

amazing interior design ideas for home

We all have our own dream homes. I may want to have 2 large , you may want only 2. Regardless of the different ideas of how one wants for their dream house, below is a list of examples of homes where people have realized some of their greatest design visions.

Let’s look at these incredibly unique home designs!

1. Aquarium Bed

Image credits:

Japanese Artist Carves Pearls Into Miniature Skulls

Since 1974, a Tokyo-based jewelry designer, Shinji Nakaba, uses unconventional materials to create his works of art. An example of his exceptional work is the carved pearl skulls. “I just want to bring brand new life to something that has no value,” said Nakaba.

He uses not only precious metals and stones, but also everyday things, such as plastic bottles and even garbage! See pictures of his rare carved pearl skulls.

New Fashion For Men: Crochet Shorts Made From Recycled Vintage Blankets

Crochet Shorts

The process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn or thread using a crochet hook is called crochet. Schuyler Ellers, who runs the Lord von Schmitt Etsy shop, has designed blazingly colorful patterned shorts out of recycled materials. He adopted every style he could learn. Most of his pieces of art are made of recycled crochet afghans.

Check Ellers’ Etsy shop to see his collection!

When I first learned to knit in Barcelona, Spain, I wanted to create something different from what I saw as ‘typical’ knit or crochet.” Schuyler Ellers said.

After knitting for hours every day for several years, I eventually flashed on the idea of using afghans as a pre-made crochet textile. Recycling vintage crochets allowed me to create crochet garments with a speed which I had never imagined. It was like I jumped a level in a video game.

There are capris and pants, too:

I get orders for all kinds of sizes, from seemingly remote parts of the country and planet!! All I can say is crochet is universal, and anyone can rock a pair of these at any time. I wear them to sleep, and I also wear them to parties.

Nearly all afghans can be recycled but of course, some do work better than others. Densely crocheted afghans in bright color schemes, southwest designs, stripes and zig zags make the best shorts!

I have never crocheted shorts myself, nor have I ever made an afghan. I prefer to recycle an existing crochet than to start from scratch. That way the garments are affordable and eco-friendly.

These shorts are available on Etsy.

School Teacher Wears The Same Outfit For Yearbook Pictures for 40 Years

Same Outfit For Yearbook

We are aware that no one person will wear the same dress twice. However Dale Irby, a Prestonwood Elementary PE teacher in Richardson, USA, wore the same outfit for 40 years in a row and had himself photographed for a yearbook. It all started when he realized he was wearing the same shirt and coffee-colored sweater like he did a year ago, back in 1973 for the photo shoot. His wife, Cathy, dared him to wear the same clothes again the next year. Dale then would bring the clothes to school and wear it exclusively for the yearbook photo shoot every year, even when they won’t fit him anymore.


1973 – 2012





















Werewolf Muzzle For Walking Your Dog In The Woods

Is your dog more of a cuddler than a fighter? Then werewolf muzzle may be a right fit for you. Manufactured by a Russian company, this terrifying muzzle is sold approximately $30 and it will keep dog owners safe at night and will transform your dog into a direful werewolf. This is safe for your dogs to wear and permits them to open its mouth and breathe easily.

More info: Krlmhl |

Image credits: Alexey Kurulyov

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits: Alexey Kurulyov

20 Hilarious Fails

craft fails

Many of us have tried new and different DIY ideas. It turns out, often than not, most of the results are different from those that were posted.

There are websites like, and pinstrosity have started sharing funny DIY fails from Pinterest and are asking users to submit their own.

Here are 20 amusing Pinterest fails.

1. Melted Crayon Art

(link 2)

2. String Balloon


3. T-Shirt Ruffle Scarf


4. Chocolate-Covered Kiwi


5. Fried Eggs


6. Shark Cupcakes


7. Bottle Bottom Flowers

(link 2)

8. Penguin Cupcakes


9. Waffle Iron Cookies


10. Marbled Nails


11. Trainwreck Cake


12. Cookie Bowls


13. Cookie Monster Cupcakes


14. Deviled Chicks


15. Pumpkin Patch Baby


16. Tower of Kids


17. Melted Minon


18. Mozzarella Chee’se Bits


19. Hair Flip


20. Sock Wreath


Strawberry Christmas Tree


Easy to make stunning Christmas party centerpiece! This is simply the best idea if you’re invited to a Christmas potluck party and for an even more wow effect dust the strawberries with some icing sugar.

For instructions visit here

Strawberry Santas


Hosting a Christmas party? Be sure to make these little Santas for that extra festive feel 😀

So simple to make, with just a few steps your Santa army will be completed and ready to wow the guests!!

For full instructions please click here