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15+ Things Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

elephant gifts

The following are elephant-themed items that are excellent gift ideas for all those elephant lovers. On September 22nd, National Elephant Appreciation Day in the U.S. is observed, so make sure to look up on those world’s leading elephant conservation organizations.

#1 Baby Elephant Bookmark

Baby Elephant Bookmark

#2 Elephant Ring

Elephant Ring

#3 Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

#4 Elephant In The Room Accessory

Elephant In The Room Accessory

#5 Elephant Paper Lantern String Light

Elephant Paper Lantern String Light

#6 Elephant Planter

Elephant Planter

#7 Elephant Wine Holder

Elephant Wine Holder

#8 Elephant Bookends

Elephant Bookends

#9 Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

#10 Elephant Mug

Elephant Mug

#11 Elephant Tea Strainer

Elephant Tea Strainer

#12 Elephant Bumbo Cover By Howie’s Hobbies On Etsy!!

Elephant Bumbo Cover By Howie's Hobbies On Etsy!!

#13 Elephant Measuring Cups

Elephant Measuring Cups

#14 Elephant Lamp

Elephant Lamp

#15 Elephant Cookie Cutter

Elephant Cookie Cutter

#16 Original Stuffed Ella

Original Stuffed Ella

#17 Elephant Bookshelf

Elephant Bookshelf

#18 Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin

Forget Coffins – Organic Burial Pods Will Turn Your Loved Ones Into Trees

Organic Burial Pods

The idea of returning to where we originally came from appeals to many of us. This is an idea caught by a beautiful new burial method that originated from Italy. The Capsula Mundi by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, developed organic, biodegradable capsule that will turn the deceased’s body into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of their remains.

After being encapsulated, the deceased is buried and either a tree or tree seed is planted above their capsule. The project’s site already has a number of trees to choose from.

An Italian company came up with an eco-friendly alternative to coffins

Instead of visiting cemeteries, mourners will be able to visit sacred forests

Each client will be able to choose their favorite tree

The people buried inside the pods will become nutrients for their chosen trees

22 Children’s Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes

funny children grammar mistakes

Kids are the fount of our greatest joy. Their energy and hilarious things they say and do are priceless.

Check out the photos where the kids’ most amusing actions are documented.

My Whole Family

Image credits:

Best Cook

Image credits: white-orchid


Image credits: odalaigh


Image credits: draftermath


Image credits:

I Come In Peace

Image credits:

My Goat Is In A Pen

Image credits:


Image credits: rbrown34


Image credits:


Image credits: Amanda Da Bast


Image credits: gudatspelling

You Can’t Catch Me

Image credits: deanparry85

Come With Me

Image credits:

I Like Pencils

Image credits:

Happy Birthday Kurt

Image credits: RhphotoG

Chum Bucket

Image credits:


Image credits:

The Beach

Image credits:

Abraham Lincoln

Image credits:


Image credits:


Your House

Image credits:

Heartwarming Illustrations: Love Is In The Small Things

everyday love comics illustrations soppy philippa rice

A multi-talented artist, Philippa Rice, created a simple yet exquisite comics about everyday joys of living with someone you love. She uses the everyday ways on how we show love with our loved ones.

Soppy, Rice’s comic book, is the best to illustrate lovely pictures on different ways how we share love.

Sometimes, love can be found in the simplest things, like spending a blissful morning in the kitchen

You can be in the same room without having to do everything together

It is hugging each other accidentally while sleeping

Even the most mundane tasks are more fun when you do them together

Even shopping for food can be exciting

True love means putting everything aside just to hug

The biggest dilemma is often what to eat for dinner

Even if you’re feeling a bit blue, there’s always someone that will hold your hand

Love is about the little things

Happiness is when both of you read in bed after an exceptionally tiring day

Building IKEA furniture is like playing with LEGO when it’s just the two of you

Sometimes, you have to ask hard questions

Cooking together often becomes the most challenging and the most fun task

Even the tiniest problems matter to your loved one

It’s having those long talks in bed about everything and anything

It’s when you know your favorite cuddling positions

It’s having a favorite cafe, where only you two matter

The cold autumn wind can’t touch you because your heart always stays warm

Love means knowing when you need to say sorry

There is nothing more comfortable than falling asleep on your loved one’s lap

It is about exploring new things, even if it’s just your neighborhood park

It’s knowing that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along

As long as both of you are headed the same way…

…Everything will be just fine

If you like these heartwarming images, you can find her book on Amazon

I Take My Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away

Animals of all kinds can bring us so much joy, not only when things are going well, but also when we feel pain and are suffering. Loki’s Instagram is a product of the “hard-to-describe” emotion and he believes dogs are not meant to spend their lives in a house or backyard. We need to make memories with our dogs.

35 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

translation fails chinese

China is beautiful. However, the foreigners sometimes have some challenges in finding their way around the country. Due to language barrier where most of the time words are translated wrongly, you would end up getting the wrong idea and would cause laughter.

Here is a list of some hilarious translation fails in China. Check these out!

F*** Vegetables

“干菜” means dried vegetables and “类” means type. So as a whole, it should be the dried vegetables section. The translator was way too concerned about the Chinese character “干” which is also a slang for f***.” (Image credits:

Don’t Order the Greenstuffs!

Image credits: MFinChina

Hand Grenade

Image credits:

Slip and Fall Down Carefully!

Image credits:


Image credits: MFinChina

Beware of Missing Foot

Image credits: Chris Radley

The Wild Germ Hates Soup

Image credits: David Feng

Potato the Crap

Image credits: Andy Stoll

Stupid Beans

Image credits: MFinChina

Grab Me Now!

Image credits: unknown


Image credits: AtticDweller


Image credits: sousveillance

Wang Had to Burn

Image credits: mursu909

Fresh Crap

Image credits:

Cat Ear or..?

Image credits: joshbateman

You Are the Best!

Image credits:

Evil Rubbish

Image credits:

Poor Duck…

Image credits:

One of Those Time Sex Things…

Image credits: keso

No Shitting

Image credits: TrevinC

Beware of Safety

Image credits: Chris Radley

Don’t Be Edible

Image credits: dingadingdang


Image credits: stefan

Crap Stick

Image credits: mtrank


Image credits: megoizzy


Image credits:

No Discunt

Image credits: AtticDweller

Don’t Touch Yourself

Image credits:

Racist Park

Image credits:

Execution in Progress

Image credits:

Reverse Psychology

Image credits:

New Flavor

Image credits:

Unlike Put Your Shoes On My Face

Image credits:

Cheap, Fast & Easy

Image credits:

Do Not Disturb

Image credits:

40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think

Most Powerful Social Ads

Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to introduce and promote one’s product or service. Here’s a list of excellent examples of effective advertising strategies.

There is no second chance at making a good first impression. If marketing ads are done correctly, it can be a wonderful investment for small businesses. If not, advertising would become a huge money drop. Here’s a list of social cause advertisements.

Torture Victims Are People Just Like You And Me

Advertising Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland

Stop The Violence: Don’t Drink And Drive

Advertising Agency: Terremoto Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil

Premature Ending: “If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.”

“THE END. If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should. For help with quiting call QUITTLINE on 0200 00 22 00″ (Advertising Agency: Iris, London, UK)

World Wide Fund For Nature: Frightening vs. More Frightening

Advertising Agency: DDB&CO., Istanbul, Turkey

Your Skin Color Shouldn’t Dictate Your Future

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France

Deforestation Continues With The Turn Of A Page

Advertising Agency: LINKSUS, Beijing, China


Advertising Agency: Fabrica, Italy

Elm Grove Police Department: Slower Is Better

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA

Save Paper – Save The Planet

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark

Air Pollution Kills 60.000 People A Year

Advertising Agency: unknown

Liking Isn’t Helping. Be A Volunteer. Change A Life

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

Bird Conservation: If You Don’t Pick It Up They Will

Advertising Agency: TBWAHuntLascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa

What We See When You Smoke

Advertising Agency: JWT, Atlanta, USA

Animal Anti-Cruelty League: That’s Not A Football

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa

Bangalore Traffic Police: Don’t Talk While Driving

Advertising Agency: Mudra Group, India

Child Soldiers: It’s Not Happening Here, But It’s Happening Now

Creative/Art director Pius Walker, Amnesty International, Switzerland.

Censorship Tells The Wrong Story

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE

Distracted Driving: Think Of Both Sides

Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Every 60 Seconds a Species Dies Out. Each Minute Counts

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

Innocence In Danger: Where’s The Pedophile?

Art Director: Michael Arguello, Copywriter: Bassam Tariq, Additional credits: Jason Musante

Sexual Predators Can Hide In Your Child’s Smartphone

Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France

Smoking Causes Premature Aging

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Australia

You’re Not A Sketch. Say No To Anorexia

Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil

Neglected Children Are Made To Feel Invisible. Stop Child Abuse Now

“To dramatize the issue of neglect, we placed mannequins dressed as children behind billposters. When the inevitable happened, we revealed a second message.” (Australian Childhood Foundation, JWT Melbourne)

Global Action In The Interest of Animals: Plastic Bags Kill

Advertising Agency: BBDO Malaysia, MALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur / Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium

What Goes Around Comes Around. Keep The Sea Clean

Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE

Tailgating Isn’t Worth It. Give Trucks Room

Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, Colorado, USA

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: When You See A Tuna, Think Panda

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore

Sleepiness Is Stronger Than You. Don’t Drive Sleepy

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok, Thailand

See how easy feeding the hungry can be?

Advertising Agency: TBWAHuntLascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa

Causing Cancer By Yourself

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China

Deforestation And The Air We Breathe: Before It’s Too Late

Advertising Agency: TBWAPARIS, France

For The Homeless, Every Day Is A Struggle

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia

The Prevention Beer Mug: Please Don’t Lose Control Over Your Drinking

Advertising Agency: EURORSCG Prague, Czech Republic

One Child Is Holding Something That’s Been Banned In America To Protect Them. Guess Which One?

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada

Breast Cancer Awareness Bra

Advertising Agency: Bolero, Fortaleza, Brazil

What Goes Around Comes Around: Stop The Iraq War

Advertising Agency: Big Ant International, New York, USA

UN Women: Auto-Complete Shows Perceptions Of Women

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE

Don’t Buy Exotic Animal Souvenirs

Advertising Agency: LOWE GGK, Warsaw, Poland

Animal Abuse And Shelters: Same Pet, Different Owner

Advertising Agency: TBWA-Santiago Mangada Puno, Philippines

Buckle up. Stay alive

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec, Canada

Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS Ever

logo fails

Most logos communicate ideas and it is believed to be one of the most important marketing tools – a good logo design. Through an effective use of a simple icon, this logo can leave a deep impression for the public.

There are four characteristics in a great logo design. The first and most important is to make it pop. Composition and color are essential to create posts and it should stand out as users scroll through their feeds. To make sure that you’ve not missed on anything when creating your logo and that if you can indeed manage to get the viewer’s attention, be sure the subject matter is in line with what your followers expect from your brand.

Here are some of the worst logo fails that possibly didn’t look so bad at first glance.

Logo of Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

This is an actual logo designed in 1973 for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. It even won an award from the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles.

A-Style Logo

A-Style logo was born well before the line of clothing – designed in 1989 and marketed in Italy since 1999. It was in fact an invention of his creator who began to attack Italian cities with stickers on a yellow background with A-Style logo (an example of guerilla marketing ), followed by other cities including Miami , Moscow and London. The newspapers and television began to be interested in the strange appearances of the logo, and soon the company started marketing their products under the brand A-Style.

Office of Government Commerce

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is an independent Office of the Treasury. Sometimes you need to shift your view to realize the error.


Now you know why Mr. Satellite looks so happy.

Arlington Pediatric Center

Just checked their website, and apparently they have changed their logo to something more pleasing. It’s no longer a pedophilic center. Now it has something to do with crabs (look attentively at letter C). FAIL again or is it their marketing strategy?


While all this might look like a joke, it gets even funnier when you look at the Pepsi Max logo. It has nearly twice the caffeine of Pepsi’s other cola beverages. We’re not sure what drinking Pepsi Max is supposed to do for you, but based on what it did to this guys tummy here, we’d suggest staying away from it.

You’ll never look at the Pepsi logo the same again.

Clinica Dental

Computer Doctors


A logo for Locum, a Swedish property management company.


Institute Of Oriental Studies

Kudawara Pharmacy


Junior Jazz Dance Classes

Olympic Logo of London 2012

Designed by Wolff Olins at an expenditure of £400,000 (almost $800,000) the logohas been met with expected ambivalence, and, in some unavoidable cases, hatred – actually, so far, in 11,550 cases.[1]

LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers To End 66 Years Of Horrible Pain

LEGO is in every child’s life. Family with children would have to walk on a field of LEGOs at home. Good news! You can now protect your feet from these minefields. After only 66 years, French advertising agency Brand Station, together with LEGO, has invented an anti-LEGO slippers.

These slippers feature tons of padding and will only be limited — only 1,500 and people who fill out LEGO’s French website’s LEGO’s Christmas wish-list will randomly be given these awesome slippers!

LEGOs are great, but they have one fatal flaw…

Image credits: Piwee

Stepping on them is one of the worst tortures known to mankind

Image credits: averageparentproblems

Fortunately, LEGO has invented a pair of anti-LEGO slippers!

Image credits: Piwee

Image credits: Piwee

Image credits: Piwee

40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School

infographic maps

We learned that we were never taught the most interesting things during high school. We have gathered great and informative selection of infographical maps to give you a real understanding of how the world functions. Infographical maps are amazing as it shows how easy it is to perceive the presented information. It also allows anyone to simply choose a country and the way on how your map to appear.

We encourage you to learn the most popular things in different countries. This is way better than the ones taught in school.

The Most Famous Brand From Each State In The US

Image credits:

Red Hair Map of Europe

Image credits:

Most Popular Sports in the World

Image credits:

Breast Sizes Relating to Countries

Image credits:

Political World Map as Pangea 200-300 Million Years Ago

Image credits:

The World According to Americans

Image credits:

Most Used Web Browser World Map (2012)

Image credits:

Map of Countries Officially Not Using the Metric System

Image credits:

The Penis Size Worldwide

Image credits:

Map of the Most Common Surnames in Europe

Image credits:

Map of Countries Most and Least Welcoming to Foreigners

Image credits:

World Map of National IQ Scores

Image credits:

Beer Names in Different European Languages

Image credits:

Freedom of Press

Image credits:

Most Consumed Alcoholic Beverage by Country

Image credits:

A World Map that Inverts Land and Sea

Image credits:

Worldwide Driving Orientation

Image credits:

Prevalence of Obesity

Image credits:

Map Of Most Attractive Citizens in Europe

Image credits:

European Citizens Who Drink the Most

Image credits:

United States According to Autocomplete

Image credits:

Every Country England Has Ever Invaded (all but 22 countries in the world)

Image credits:

7 Deadly Sins Map

Image credits:

World Map of Social Networks 2009 vs 2012

Image credits:

Total Fertility Rate Map

Image credits:

Map of the World in Proportion to Population

Image credits:

Different Alphabets Around the World

Image credits:

World’s Population Concentrated in One City

Image credits:

Countries with McDonald’s

Image credits:

Map of the Most Popular Surnames in the United States

Image credits:

Lightning Intensity Map

Image credits:

Map of the Earth With Mercator Projection Using a Different Centerpoint

Image credits:

Time Zones in Antarctica

Image credits:

Image credits:

If US Cities Had Kept Their Original Names