LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers To End 66 Years Of Horrible Pain

LEGO is in every child’s life. Family with children would have to walk on a field of LEGOs at home. Good news! You can now protect your feet from these minefields. After only 66 years, French advertising agency Brand Station, together with LEGO, has invented an anti-LEGO slippers.

These slippers feature tons of padding and will only be limited — only 1,500 and people who fill out LEGO’s French website’s LEGO’s Christmas wish-list will randomly be given these awesome slippers!

LEGOs are great, but they have one fatal flaw…

Image credits: Piwee

Stepping on them is one of the worst tortures known to mankind

Image credits: averageparentproblems

Fortunately, LEGO has invented a pair of anti-LEGO slippers!

Image credits: Piwee

Image credits: Piwee

Image credits: Piwee


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